Crop Cynce Services

When it comes to growing cannabis, no one offers solutions as complete as ours. Whether you’re just getting started and you aren’t even sure where to put the greenhouse or you’ve had an outdoor operation for 10 years, we’re the world-class allies who will open the doors to greater success. Explore our multifaceted services and get in touch today.


Site Setup

Lay foundations for future success thanks to our insights. We help you fine-tune your growing areas for optimal results, factoring in light requirements, air quality, and more.


Equipment Education

We ensure your entire team knows how to safely operate equipment, minimizing breakdowns and complications. With Crop Cynce, farming is smoother than ever.


Software Support

Let modern technology do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your farm. Our software lets you track your entire operation in one place, gathering data from seed to sale so you can optimize everything for next year. Our software can also automate basic farm functions, like watering and lighting.


Hydroponic System Solutions

Choose our world-class watering systems and give each cannabis plant a chance to surpass your expectations. We’ll help you customize hydroponics to your exact needs.


Specialized Supplies

We offer everything you need to build a top-notch operation, including LED grow lights, dehumidifiers, growing stackers, and tables.


Drop Shipping

We know you need supplies quickly, which is why we get everything to your door as soon as possible.


Extraction Methods Education

We understand the importance of processing the cannabis you grow. We offer essential education about extraction methods and help you access the resources you need.


Nutrition Program

Feeding your cannabis plants is simple and doable with Crop Cynce. Let our experts optimize your nutrition program.


Pest Management

Protect your investment and keep your plants healthy with our cutting-edge integrated pest management solutions.


Eco-Friendly Growing Containers

We offer coco cubes and OttoPots in 4 and 8 liter sizes. Made of the world’s highest quality coir, they’re triple-washed and pH buffered for flawlessly clean chemistry.

Contact our hardworking team to learn more. We ARE look forward to working with you.